VinoServant (http://vinoservant.com) was started to help consumers make wine buying decisions in restaurants and at wine retailers. Our site and  application will help you get the right bottle of wine at the right price.

It is not our desire to have the largest wine database in the world.  Instead, our goal is to build a database of wines for sale at restaurants and retailers.  We believe that this will lead to increased wine sales, and empower wine drinkers to try new and exciting wines.

On the restaurant side, we take a wine list and show our customers the 15 to 45 best values on that wine list.  If a customer is dining in a restaurant we have not reviewed, they will be able to use our search engine to find the wine in our database and see the “IDEAL RESTAURANT PRICE” along with a tasting note and prices at retailers and restaurants.

On the retail side, we provide prices from top wine stores in large metropolitan areas, and our customers can purchase bottles of wine from these retailers with a few clicks.

Our site and application provides answers to these questions that people ask when deciding on what bottle of wine to purchase:

1) What is the mark-up over retail price (2009 Groth Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc | $45 | 2.5x – Mark-up of 2.5x translates into a retail price of $18), and what does it cost in other restaurants?

2) What does it taste like (winemaker’s tasting notes or professional review)?

3) Where can I buy it locally and what does it cost at other retailers?

Please direct all inquires to: contact@vinoservant.com

About Josh Moser – Founder of VinoServant

I moved to Northern California from New York City in 1999. I was a novice wine-lover, but, like so many of us, I made up in enthusiasm and perseverance what I lacked in expertise. I currently have around 700 bottles of wine. The majority of these wines are cabernet and merlot based from California and France. I started VinoServant to provide wine drinkers with an Internet site and application that would provide transparency in connection with wine prices at restaurants and retailers.


4 Responses to “About”
  1. linked from reading TimFish in Wine Spectator……Industry exec for 35 years….like your site…nicely done….LL

    • Josh Moser says:

      Larry – Thanks for checking out my site. It is still in its early stages, and I am working on increasing ease of use and functionality.

    • Bruce Siegel says:

      Thanks for the reviews. I tend to follow most reviews where there is no hidden agenda.
      I think Zagat blew it when they went into the wine business and morphed into Yelp.
      It was the only good and truly independent reviewer (by the people) I have found and over the years was able to use it all over the world. Too bad. Now I’m left to my own crowd.
      One question is where do you get your Retail Prices from?
      What would also be helpful is finding out where to get hidden gems like Wind Gap (Pinot) at Bar Agricole. This would be helpful since it’s hard to find it even from the Winemaker.

      • Josh Moser says:

        Bruce – I google the wine and see where it is sold. The great thing is that the Bay Area has some wonderful wine stores (K&L, Artisan Wine Depot, Beltramo’s, JJ Buckley, Wine.com) so most wines are at those stores. I also augment my search by using wine-searcher to locate wines. 2009 Wind Gap, Gap’s Crown & Griffin Lair Vineyards, Pinot Noir | $37 at Brown Derby International Wine Center and $40 at Pluckemin Inn Wine Shop. 2010 Wind Gap, Gaps Crown Vineyard, Pinot Noir | $50 at Rye Brook Wine & Spirit. Rye Brook is in Port Chester, NY and it is a great store as well. I have not reviewed Bar Agricole’s wine list, but if you go back and look at some of my other reviews you will see plenty of hidden gems that are tucked away on Bay Area Restaurant Wine Lists.

        2008 Baker Lane, Ramondo Vineyard, Sonoma Coast, Pinot Noir | $58 | 1.5x | TOP PICK at Boulevard
        2007 Bonaccorsi, Cargasacchi Vineyard, Santa Rita Hills, Pinot Noir | $94 | 1.6x | TOP PICK at Boulevard

        Keep in mind wine lists do change, so if you see a bottle I recommend you should call the restaurant to confirm availability. Right now my goal is to review 20 restaurants in the Bay Area, and then update those reviews every 30 to 45 days. For example, I need to update my review of the wine list at EPIC Roasthouse. They just came out with a new list, and some of the wines I recommended from my earlier review are still on the list but some are not. That is also one of the reasons why I recommend so many wines right now. Thanks for reading my blog and I will send you an invite to receive an email each time I issue a new post.

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