Is Now Live

We are pleased to announce that our new site at is now live.  We have moved our blog to  Users can view our new site on their desktop, tablet and phone.  The design and layout doesn’t change. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us an email at

How it Works

We built this site so that customers can easily look up wines by entering the name of a wine or keyword in the Search Box, or by touching one of the countries. The number next to the countries represent actual bottles in our database. This number will explode over the next few months because we want to make sure you always get the right bottle of wine at the right price.

When you view a wine that is in our database you will see the “Ideal Restaurant Price” along with a description of the wine, and prices at restaurants and retailers.  The “Ideal Restaurant Price” is what we feel is a fair price for that wine in a restaurant.

If you download our application (once it becomes available) you will also have the ability to hit the “Drink” and “Favorite” buttons, and the wine will then be saved so that you can view it later.  At this time, this function does not work from our desktop or mobile site because we are not asking you to create a user name or password.  This will change in the near future. The “Share” button will allow you to send information about the wine to Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

On each wine page in our database you will see prices at restaurants followed by an “x” after the name of the restaurant ($60 at Harris’ Restaurant San Francisco | 2.4x). That number signifies the mark-up that the restaurant is placing on the wine in excess of its retail price ($60 – 2.4x translates into an average retail price of $25).



Add Wine: This feature allows customers to send us information on a wine that they would like us to add to our database. We ask for the customer’s zip code because, in the future, we will send an email with a list of stores that sell the wine.

Last 10: This button takes our customers to a screen that lists the Last 10 wines they viewed. From this screen they will also be able to see their Favorite and Consumed wines. If a customer is in a restaurant and looks up 5 wines, and then wants to go back to the 1st wine, just  hit Last 10,  to easily pull up those wines.

Favorites: Touch this button to see all the wines the customer has marked as a Favorite. Right now this function won’t work because we are not asking you to create a user name and password.

Retailers: Our plan is to partner with up to 10 retailers in metropolitan areas so that our customers will have the ability to buy wine with a few clicks. One of the things that customers should recognize is that we organize wines based on Country, and then either grape (US – Cabernet Sauvignon – California or France – Bordeaux – Reds) or region.

For example, in the United States wines are organized by grape, and in France we organize wines by region.

By the way, all of our retail partners have mobile optimized internet sites that allow customers to easily buy the wine, and then go pick it up at the store (Will Call San Francisco), or arrange for it to be delivered to their work or home.

Advanced Search: We believe that this function will be mainly used at retailers, because it will allow customers to narrow down search parameters, and zero in on the bottles they are interested in purchasing.

Step 1: Pick a retailer from the drop down menu > K&L Wines

Step 2: Select a retail price range from the drop down menu > $1 to $20

Step 3: Select a country from the drop down menu > Argentina

Step 4: Select a region from the drop down menu > Malbec

Step 5: Hit the Search button at the bottom and you will see all the Malbecs from Argentina in the $1 to $20 price range at K&L.

Step 6: Pick the Malbecs that look the most interesting, pay for them, and then go home and pop some corks and party VinoServant Style!

Restaurant Wine List Reviews: Initially, we are only reviewing restaurant wine lists in San Francisco as we formalize the process. When viewing one of our wine list reviews customers will see that we list the 15 to 45 best values on that restaurant’s wine list. Stay tuned because once we work out the kinks in San Francisco, we are going to start reviewing restaurant wine lists in your city.

If a customer is dining in a restaurant that we have not reviewed, we highly encourage you to use the Search function to look up wines that you are considering to make sure you are getting a fair price. Remember we show the “Ideal Restaurant Price and this reflects what we feel is a fair price for the wine. If the price at the restaurant is a few dollars higher than our “Ideal Restaurant Price”, don’t sweat it, go ahead and order it.

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