Alexander’s Steakhouse Cupertino Wine List Review

Alexander’s Steakhouse Cupertino 10330 N. Wolfe Road Cupertino, CA 95014 P: 408.446.2222 Alexander’s Steakhouse Cupertino Wine List Review  We have been to this restaurant 20+ times since it opened, and we have never walked away disappointed. We even sat next to Jerry Rice on New Year’s Eve a few years ago, and watched him drink … Continue reading

Wayfare Tavern Wine List Review

Wayfare Tavern 558 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA P: 415.772.9060 Wayfare Tavern Wine List Review Wayfare’s wine list has a number of exceptional values across all price points.  The list is comprised of 153 selections, with a number of limited production wines so it changes frequently.  Please drop us a note if one of … Continue reading

Restaurant Wine Buying Tips

7WRDM2MS9QVZ Below is an article that we were asked to put together for the folks at Good Cheap Vino (  This was published earlier today.  We recommend you check out their site for wine bargains and values at retailers and wineries. Restaurant Wine Buying Tips – VinoServant Posted on February  16, 2012 by Josh Moser … Continue reading

Harris’ Restaurant Wine List Review

Harris’ Restaurant 2100 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94109 P: 415.673.1888 Harris’ Restaurant Wine List Review This San Francisco landmark restaurant has been popping corks and serving up delicious cuts of meat for 25+ years.  Harris’ wine list is a Tour De Force that is comprised of over 500+ selections.  There are a … Continue reading

Locating Wines from Caymus, Dominus and Dunn Vineyards

Locating Wines from Caymus, Dominus and Dunn Vineyards This is the second in a series of posts that will focus on “Special Occasion Wines.”  Today we are going to locate wines in Bay Area Restaurants from Caymus Vineyards, Dominus Estate and Dunn Vineyards. We recommend you review the section below our top values to see … Continue reading