Welcome to VinoServant! Breaking Down Restaurant Wine Lists – Site is @ http://vinoservant.com

VinoServant Internet Site – http://vinoservant.com

VinoServant Blog – http://blog.vinoservant.com

VinoServant was started to help consumers make wine buying decisions in restaurants and at wine retailers. Our site and application will help you get the right bottle of wine at the right price.

On the restaurant side, we take a wine list and show our customers the 15 to 45 best values on that wine list.  If a customer is dining in a restaurant we have not reviewed, they will be able to use our search engine to find the wine in our database and see the “IDEAL RESTAURANT PRICE” along with a tasting note and prices at retailers and restaurants.

On the retail side, we provide prices from top wine stores in large metropolitan areas, and our customers can purchase bottles of wine from these retailers with a few clicks.

Feel free to drop us a note at contact@vinoservant.com.


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